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Do you thing you need help in a personal and culture sensitive way? As a humanitarian organisation, Ipso focuses on providing culturally sensitive psychosocial care in multiple languages. The Ipso-Counsellors know your situation through their own background. Right now, we offer our services in Berlin and many cities in Thuringia. For more information: Our accessible psychosocial counselling is professional and free-of-charge. It is not a therapeutical treatment. Feel free to contact us, if you need help. #refugees #migrants #psychosocial #psychological #counselling #motherlanguage #psychologicalhelp #therapy #psychosocialcare #healthcare #depression #trauma
asked Mar 24, 2017 in Healthcare by sophie_ipso (110 points)

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Thank you @Sophie_ipso for your precious service and for sharing this information with the Wefugees community!
answered Mar 24, 2017 by Paolo (13,600 points)
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