Hi, I am Mustapha, my life is seriously under threat to the extend my house was burnt, I had to ask for extra protection from my working envairoment and recently was attacked by armed guys....I have issues by blowing a whistle on imported arms yo Nigeria by unknown group probably Book Haram. This made me to run for my life as my wife was killed and I have to run to a neighbouring country and life in west Africa is not promising. I have a UK Visa expiring 2019 but UK won't allow me stay more than 30 days since its a Standard Visitors Visa. I am thinking of going to France using Airfrance to use transit and claim Asylum so as to be free. I am at risk here too so could not say my location. Please need help and advise.
asked Feb 15, 2017 in Asylum proceedings by Musty | 1,356 views
Hi @Musty, welcome in the community. I asked a couple of friends if they have any idea, but I´m not yet sure if they can help. Our partners answering the legal questions have an expertise mainly focused on topics regarding the procedure from when a person is already on German ground. Some members of the community might still leave some helpful comments. If I receive any news I will let you know and if you have specific questions about how to register once you are on German ground or about the process to have asylum recognised, our partners could be more helpful. Best, Paolo
@Paolo thanks a lot. Meanwhile my concern itself is if I am entitled to claim Asylum in Europe based on my current circumstance and which country will accept me more readily. Thanks once again

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Hello Mustapha,

I would advise you to **** for a specialised lawyer in the UK.
ECRE should be able to help you to find such a lawyer.
ECRE is a European network of 90 NGOs in 38 European countries. It protects and advances the rights of refugees, asylum seekers, and displaced persons.
Try here:

Regards, Steven
answered Feb 17, 2017 by Steven
Thank you Steve, I am trying to see if I can get a contact their. Thanks for your input. I just need to do that as soon as possible otherwise, I feel like committing suicide. But will hold on abit to see if I can get a life back. Thanks
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Another good imput from Marcel, a lawyer always doing a great job on this platform, as Steven too.

"If he arrives by plane, here is a link explaining airport asylum procedure: ****://***.asylumineurope.org/reports/country/Germany/asylum-procedure/procedures/border-procedure-border-and-transit-zones
Applicants from Nigeria are not automatically granted protection in Germany (like from Syria). He needs good proof that he is fleeing from Boko Haram. If he has no proof at all it can be that he is immediately sent back at the airport (see link). If, on the other hand, he has some proof, he will have a normal asylum procedure (in which his special case will be examined)."

Paolo (and Marcel =) )
answered Feb 18, 2017 by Paolo
Thanks a lot Paolo. Well, I have reported the issue several times to Police and was giving temporary cover before explosions took place in my home, where my wife died. I have death certificate of my wife and I have pictures of the current house before and after explosion. And I have initial letter to my organization reporting various threats. Will these serve as evidence? I am really hooked up here and even thinking of committing suicide as I can take care of my self if I spend the little that remains. If you can prescribe a country that will accept me on this to just get a meaningful life for my basic needs, I will be happy forever.....
@Steven @Marcel
I cannot understand your distress - as I haven´t tried it myself. But as Wefugees Team we value life more than anything else. I am leaving here a couple of links to websites and numbers that you can reach out to in case you felt the need to talk further about your problems.
For whoever felt him/herself in the condition of having similar thoughts too, I also leave these links to websites where you can find a list of hotlines available worldwide that you can reach out to at any moment.
This is another valid websites where you can find different types of support in case you were about to experience trouble with suicidal thoughts.
The best advise would be at this point to contact those organizations suggested by Marcel and Steven. They should be able give you a more specific answer and guidance. They should have deeper understanding of which country would be the best for you to get in a dialogue about your asylum with, as they deal with this matter daily.
OK Paolo, I really appreciate. I am really going through the links. Thank you.
OK. Thanks. I am on it now. Thanks
you are very welcome. I sicerely hope you will manage to find a solution that will make your life turn for the best.
I hope so....but not easy though. I will hold on as much as I can. Will let you know if any development. Thanks
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Dear Mustapha,

gladly there has already been a lot of support here! I hope it could already help you! I think you should definitely follow the given advice and **** for lawyers or specialists, that can help you personally with your situation. Thats why it might also be a good idea to check out this useful list of organisations in the UK. ****://w2eu.info/uk.en/articles/uk-contacts.en.html.

On this site you will also find detailed information about the asylum process in several european countries, to get an overview of how the situation in these countries looks like and which country might be a good choice.

I wish you all the best and never give up hope!
Feel free to contact us again, whenever you like!

answered Feb 28, 2017 by Henny
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