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I’ve been here in Berlin for some months now, and the more time I’m here the more I realize how big it is. I’ve found some blogs that give tips of what to do, what to see, where to go, etc. These are my personal favorites:
Do you know any good one? please share! I’m specially interested in the differences between Bezirks..

(Sie könnten auch auf Deutsch sein)

Thanks in advance!
asked Jan 25, 2017 in Other Questions by Mariana G. (790 points)

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Hello @Mariana G., gives an interesting survey of what's going on in Berlin.
Blog seems to have frequent updates so far,

A few more:

An overview:
A top ten guide:

Kind regards, Jan
answered Jan 26, 2017 by Jan (59,810 points)
Loved these! thanks Jan!
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This one is my favourite if you like to eat food out.
answered Feb 9, 2017 by Ange (650 points)
Thanks :) that one looks great
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Do you also know good blogs about Leipzig?

#leipzig #blog
answered Jul 12, 2017 by adiba28 (160 points)
Hello @adiba28 - here you find a list of blogs about Leipzig: The publishers pay attention not to publish promotional, political or extremist blogs. Seems to be a nice overview of interesting blogs on various topics. Or are you searching for content about some specific topic? Let us know so that we can provide more specific answers! Best, Thorgen
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