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Good evening everyone, i just heard from a friend who is a Nigerian and reside here in Munich, Germany that, even after getting married to a German girl, you still have to go back to Nigeria to get a visa before reuniting with your wife. I'm very concerned and any information about this will be very useful because I'm getting married in this December and I'm not willing to go back now for visa..
thanks I await any information
asked Oct 14, 2016 in Legal advice by Zino
Hello Zino, I think only a lawyer can give you a somehow reliable answer what to expect in your case. The info I found on the net so far ist, that it depends on if you have the status of acknowledged refugee. Has your case already been decided? Did you receive an Aufenthaltstitel from the BAMF? This would enhance the possibility that you do not have to go back to Nigeria to get a visa. Please see for further info (Paragraph II.2):
Thank you very much Danny

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I wish you good luck Zino.
Thank you Danny for helping out.
answered Oct 20, 2016 by Paolo
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