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Hallo im feras i live in Borken i lock to make newtonsche friendship Witz german people ans Speck deutsch
asked Sep 28, 2016 in Activities by Feras111
#borken #english

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Hi @feras111,

In the meanwhile I try to do some more research about the situation in Borken specifically, please check out this website and find out how to start speaking a bit of Deutsch online. could be a good chance to try out your German and start to talk with german people.

Another idea I have about getting in contact with locals could be using (find here the page for Borken It's a community of travelers and people always engaged in getting to know more about new cultures and helping out travelers. Try to post something on the Borken page, groups or perhaps contact some of the local people; they might even be organizing events in your city already, and if not you can try to organize one get together perhaps.

Borken is a rather small town so you'll need to use some creativity and find new solutions to get to know people. I'll let you knwo if something else comes up

answered Sep 28, 2016 by Paolo
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Hello Feras,

if you want to meet new people than it is always a good idea to look out for clubs in your town. You don't necessarely need to become a member right away - most of the times you can join for a couple of meetings and then decide.

Here is a list of clubs in the city/surroundings of Borken (sports are at the bottom):

Do you have specific hobbies? If that is the case we can help you to find a club that fits your interests. That would be a nice way to get to know people, speak german and do something that is fun at the same time.

Best wishes,
answered Sep 28, 2016 by Thor
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