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I am khaled,
I come from Syria.
I have visa for 3 years,
The jobcentre send to me mail to find home 60m
I try to find home in tuttlengen,  spaichengen, trosingen but I didn't find any think,
Can you helped me for that,
Thank you very much
Best regards
asked Jun 20, 2016 in Home & Living by Chaled

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Dear Khaled,

to get help in finding a flat, its always good to have a personal contact person near where you live! I found some initiatives that could help you:

Miteinander Denkingen
Nils Wangerin
78588 Denkingen

Helferkreis Asyl Fridingen
78567 Fridingen

Initiative Asyl Tuttlingen
Rose Lovrekovic
Zeppelinstr. 18
78532 Tuttlingen
Tel.: 07461 / 35 67
Fax: 07461 / 76 04 69 2
Angebote: Verfahrensbegleitung, Begleitung zu Anwälten und Behörden, Besuch in Sammelunterkunft, Freizeitgestaltung, Deutschkurs in der GU Witthoh

Katholische Erwachsenenbildung Kreis Tuttlingen e.V.
Dekanat Tuttlingen-Spaichingen
Uhlandstr. 3
78532 Tuttlingen
Tel.: 07461 / 96 59 80-20
Fax: 07461 / 96 59 80-19

You can also always check pages like "Ebay Kleinanzeigen" by yourself (  where people post their flats, or pages like "Immo Welt" ( You just need to tipe in the amount of money you can spend and the amount of rooms you need.

I really hope you find something, but since you already have the approval of the jobcenter, I think it won't be that hard.

Let us know if you need any further help.


answered Jun 20, 2016 by Henny
I will try and I will inform you for the news
Hi am waqas am living in Germany from last year  i have a stay card i need a home
Hi Waqas - try posting a question in the "Home and Living" category so that you can get some answers!
Hi Waqas, before you do a posting allow me to give you some advice: use the search slot of Wefugee community, maybe someone had the same question as you have now and there is already an answer in existence. Let me give an expample: Let's say you live in Hamburg and look for a room, write the words "Hamburg" and "room" (without quotes) and see what happens.
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