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Hello dear Wefugee Team,
This is Dona.Me and my husband are refugees in Oerlinghausen and our camp is far from shops so we have to walk 40minutes and more to get to the nearest shop and same way back.I am interested if there is an organisation that gives free bikes or sells for little money that is near where we are:)Any help would be much appreciated:)
Thanks in advance
asked Jun 18, 2016 in Other Questions by Donarost (170 points)

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Hi Dona!

I found a really cool organization that works to repair and distribute bikes to refugees in Bielefeld:

It is about 25min from Oerlinghausen by car - do you know anyone that could maybe drive you?

This is the contact info of the organization. Maybe you could ask them if they ever come to Oerlinghausen, and also what the process is to acquire a bike from them. That way, if you have to arrange travel to Bielefeld, you can be sure that there are then bikes for you once you get there :)

Stefan Mielke
Telefon: +49 172 15333333

Let me know if I can help further!!
answered Jun 19, 2016 by julia.d (6,780 points)
Dear Julia thank you so much, I will msg them now:)Will keep you informed:)
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