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I am in Germany since 7 months. My question is how can I get the document that have my taxes number. Most of the people in my camp got it long time ago but me not!
asked Jun 10, 2016 in Money by Hamody
Dear Hamody, where in Germany do you live exactly?
Neuhausen a.d.f - BW

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Hello Mohammed,

the document with your personal tax number (in German: Steueridentifikationsnummer) is sent to you automatically by mail.
If you are in doubt whether this document has reached you (in this case you already have a tax number but you don't know that) you can ask here what the number is: They will send your tax number by mail again.
Your local registry office should know your tax number too.

Kind regards, Jan

answered Jun 13, 2016 by Jan
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Hi Mohammed,

Here are some people in Neuhausen and Esslingen who you could get in contact with:

Landkreis Esslingen,Lde/start/service/Ansprechparter+Fluechtlingshilfe.html

Bereich Nürtingen:
zuständig für Bempflingen, Deizisau, Frickenhausen, Köngen, Neuhausen a.d.F., Nürtingen, Plochingen, Wendlingen a.N., Wernau (Neckar)
Bereichsleitung: Alexandra Mack
mobil 0152 286 184 00

The email address is strangely missing. So if the telephone number does not work for you, perhaps try to email the general email address:

There is also this organization which I don´t think offers advice, but may be a good group of people to get to know, and they could also help direct you to other helpful organizations in the area:

All the best,
answered Jun 13, 2016 by julia.d
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