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Hello helpers ,
Can you please give us a piece of advice , or clue!?
I am Istelah , I am Syrian and I live with my brother  Mohammad Salah in Elmshorn. Schleswig Holstein since November 2015.
Actually my brother and I studied A1 together that was in December till February in der Grone Schule, Elmshorn , then the course had ended . We then applied to two different schools and we filled the formulas asking to take part in the kurs .
I had recieved the Bestätigung that had allowed me to start an Integrationkurs in February but my brother till now haven't recieved an answer . For 4 months he has been waiting and keep in my mind we have asked for the kurs both at the same time and in the same places as well .
What can he do !?! What is your advice for him and our status is Aufenthaltsgestatigung
He has studied in Syria Zahntechniker und he is very interested to make Ausbildung hier as well .

Kindest regards
asked Jun 7, 2016 in Education by Istelah

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Dear Istelah,

I hope your doing fine.

In this cases, it's always good to get help from people speaking German and knowing about the procedures in your town.
I found the willkommensteam  elm shorn

They have an advising center which is open every Thursday from 5-6 pm. To contact them before you get there, just sent them a mail to sprechstunde@willkommensteam-elm or call them 015237858712 from 3-5 pm each day.
If you would like someone speaking your language or someone with special skills for example regarding the integrationskurse, you can contact their "expert-team" via

I hope they can help you

answered Jun 7, 2016 by Henny
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