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Hallo an die Admins,

gibt es die Möglichkeit das Forum so zu erweitern, dass man leichter nachvollziehen kann wo (an welchem Ort/Stadt) die Fragen gestellt wurden?

Viele Grüße
asked May 24, 2016 in How can I help? by Daniel158
What's all that in aid of? I would really like to know for privacy protection reasons. And if you want to contact admins, try
It should be possible to put questions in city or state categories. For example, if you need help in Munich, then you can put your question into the category "Munich" etc. Do you know what I mean??

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If you want to know the location of someone who use this website and as you mentioned you want to help..'how can i help' you can easily contact with the user and ask him for his location.
it's unacceptable to giveaway the location of any users of this website without thier own permission.
answered May 24, 2016 by Kenan
Hi Kenan,
I fully agree you, but maybe it is possible that users of this website can put there questions in city categories. For example, if you need help in Munich, then you can put your question into the category "Munich" etc. Do you know what I mean??
Achso! Actually It's a good idea
Because i've wrote an answer and ignored the comment box:p
They can't check every answer and then decide if the problem is solved or not.
When you write an answer it should be solved because your answer should have something to solve the other person problem so basically it's solved but i forgot and didn't leave a comment i left an answer.
And actuay there's too many questions with answers and taged as unsolved that means that not every answer solve any question.
But i don't think that there are any privacy problem broh:p
There are any privacy problems**
The person who asked the question is the one who selects which answer "solves the question." It is a shame that so many questions are still open as "unanswered questions" when they have already solved the questions. I think it´s a combination of users not knowing about the function and how to select an answer, and also the fact that there are sometimes multiple answers to one question- all of which are helpful and "solve" the question. This will be noted! The feedback is always appreciated, but currently we do not have a large amount of freedom with the changes that we can make to the forum.
So far as privacy - we do highly value the anonymity of users who wish to remain anonymous. Information regarding location, real names and so forth are all completely voluntary.
not knowing about the function (how to select an answer that "solves the question")**
Thanks for your explanation julia!
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Lieber Daniel,

vielen Dank für deinen Vorschlag. Es ist super, wenn Anregungen wie deine aus der Community selbst kommen!
Wir arbeiten immer fleißig daran unsere Kategorien aktuell und sinnvoll zu gestalten! Es ist somit theoretisch möglich auch eine Städtekategorien zu gründen.
Die Frage ist nur, ob es wirklich klug wäre in einer Kategorie (z.B. Berlin) alle Fragen zu sammeln, auch wenn sie unterschiedlichste Themen behandeln. Momentan ist es der Übersichtlichkeit zuliebe praktischer eine kategorische Unterteilung in Form von den Inhalten der Fragen zu machen.
Die Idee hinter deinem Vorschlag wird bei uns aber tatsächlich momentan schon bearbeitet und wir sind dabei Wege zu finden, wie wir deutlicher machen können aus welcher Stadt die Frage gestellt wurde. Dabei wird die Angabe natürlich trotzdem freiwillig bleiben.

Wir freuen uns auf mehr Ideen und Anregungen

Liebe Grüße


answered May 26, 2016 by Henny
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Hallo Daniel,

wir arbeiten daran :)
Momentan ist es das einfachste, wenn man seinen Ort als #Ort mit in die Frage schreibt bzw. in die unten angeführten Tags schreibt. Dann kann man super danach filtern. Wir werden das in Zukunft aber auch noch deutlicher machen, damit jeder versteht wo er den Ort/die Stadt hinschreiben kann.
Es gibt natürlich auch viele Ortsunabhängige Fragen, weshalb wir das nicht verpflichtend machen möchten und keine Orts Kategorien erstellen.

Liebsten Gruß,
answered May 26, 2016 by Conny
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It should be possible to put questions in city or state categories. For example, if you need help in Munich, then you can put your question into the category "Munich" etc. Do you know what I mean??
answered May 24, 2016 by Daniel158
That's no problem at this stage. For instance: Heading: Looking for a flat (Munich). Then use the search box to filter your retrieval. But maybe if the weefugee expands in a high degree we need more distinguished categories. By the way, your original question seemed to me like an attempt to implement data mining...
I see what you mean Daniel. Along with the "solves the answer" function, tags could also more often be used. However as Jan said, the search box does find any post where "Munich" is mentioned, or any other city. Since questions usually include the name of the relevant city, this is the best way right now to find city-specific information. Thanks for the feedback though! :)
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