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asked Apr 13, 2016 in Education by Mardan Ali Jaffery (110 points)
Hi Mardan! What kind of videos are you specifically looking for? Videos that are more academic (something like an online university), or videos from a documentry?

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1000+ MOOC/Free College Courses Online (Video Tutorials)
Chapter Civil Engeneering:

Regards, Jan
answered Apr 15, 2016 by Jan (59,810 points)
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I always check out first
answered Apr 20, 2016 by Katharina (380 points)
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I´ve found a few links for you:
--- Here you´ll find videos and lectures provided by universities around the world.
--- MIT offers class material from previous civil engineering classes for free online. I´m not sure if there are any videos, but there are lecture notes and powerpoints.
--- Videos of lectures from the Indian Institute of Technology
--- Civil and Environmental Engineering course available for free from iTunes

I hope these help!
answered Apr 13, 2016 by julia.d (6,780 points)
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