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hey everybody. I'm looking for answers from along time in internet about the cities in germany.
i wanna study (bwl) and my friend wants to study mechanic.
i need to know if we lived in Berlin is it gonna be a good place for job opportunities for those 2 jobs later after we finish our studying.
i heard alot about the big rate of unemployed people in berlin. its about 19:50% but in another hand we couldn't know this rate depends on the big number of people who lives in Berlin or because there is no jobs or its poor. its a little complicated to understand.
so i need your informations and advices.
the other option for us is Mannheim city. if someone can give us also some informations about it or some comparing between those 2 cities
and thanks alot.
asked Feb 22, 2016 in Work by noah

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2 Answers

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Hi Noah,

you can compare the two cities by yourself:
Statistic informaton about unemployment in Berlin:
Statistic informaton about unemployment in Mannheim:

Housing situation is tough in both cities.
Cost of living is cheaper in Mannheim (

Kind Regards, Jan
answered Feb 22, 2016 by Jan
danke Jan :)
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I know that it's too hard to find a wohnung or a room for rent in berlin i have someone there and he couldn't find any rooms any appartments houses available so you have to keep that in mind.
answered Apr 6, 2016 by Kenan
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