We are looking for people with migration background (migrant status not necessary!) interested in working as mental care counsellors. The training with further guided practice and further employment possibilities is organised by social entrepreneurship- IPSO e-care (https://***.ipso-ecare.***/) For all people interested in becoming psychosocial counsellors, background in psychology and medicine is welcome but not necessary. Motivation and experience in social work are required but we are happy to consider everyone who has strong will to be a part of the team. Training will start in March 2016, Berlin and will be delivered in English. Please see the flyer below and contact us for more info. Share with your networks! and good luck :) #work #training #counselling #stayactive #Berlin #psychology #health #mental #care
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Was this a once off or you still run this programme?
Hello @Aluta and welcome to our community! I will link @kat_ so that she receives a notification and can aswer directly.

Apart from that I just visited a Sprachcafé in Berlin last Friday where two representatives of IPSO presented their project to the attending refugees. As far as I can see this programme is still running and they are still looking for people interested in the training.

Best regards, Thorgen
ist diese Werbung immer noch verfügbar?

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Hi Kat,


It's looks very nice opportunity! But I have one question, after finish the course what will be the job prospects, I mean is it a certificate course? Anyone can use it for his/her career? And training period in Berlin - who will bear the accommodation and other costs?

Best wishes for you,

answered Feb 11, 2016 by Don’t Know
Hello Moni,
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Hi Kat, I am waiting for your response!

Best regards,
answered Feb 12, 2016 by Don’t Know
Hi Moni, I am just waiting for the detailed answer from IPSO ( I am volunteering ). I know the training will be certified and paid from the Arbeitsamt. For the accommodation costs, you would have to pay yourself, but there might be some additional support, ( but unfortunately I do not know all of them, I know there are many support groups that host and find flats, similar to Airbnb but sponsored). As for working after, you can be working in Germany for IPSO (we are implementing IPSO here because of the big demand), for other possibilities it is better if they answer your question. Please contact them (info@ipsocontext.org) +49 (0)1718383590 and I will write here when I get more info for you :)
Thanks so much dear Kat! You can even write directly to me whenever you have update from them. My email address is: press.moni@gmail.***

My last question is: I am living in Werl near Dortmund. So how long I have to live in Berlin? (Probably three months?) As it 'could be a problem' to get permission from the Rathaus/ Ausländerbehorde to take part in this type of training. Because my asylum procedure is not settled yet! And I have a flat here, Rathaus is paying for it, so I have to pay my cost in Berlin. Ok let see what type of updates I get from you and IPSO.

Best wishes for you and thanks again for your cordial help!

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Hi Kat, how are you?

I had to delete all of my emails so I lost all email. Someone contacted with me from IPSO, unfortunately I lost all email, maybe she's working for International Psychological Organization (office is not in Berlin, I forgot even the address).

So I want to take part finally, if Rathhaus give permission tomorrow morning. Still is there any chance?

Best wishes for you,

answered Feb 25, 2016 by Don’t Know
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Hello Moni, I hope you are well! There are still places free to do the training but it will be best if you speak with Inge personally, since there are few requirements and I am not in the position to confirm this. Here are the contacts details where you can send your CV and motivation letter info@ipso-ecare.*** or just call +49 (0)7531 282 02 31, or +40 (0)30 219 458 30 or +49 (0)171 838 35 90. I hope this helps! Have a great day
and fingers crossed

answered Feb 26, 2016 by kat_
Hello Kat, herzlichen vielen Dank!!
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