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Hello all,

I am writing my thesis about LGBT Refugees from Middle East to Germany. I need some more interviewees before I complete my thesis.

I am criticising Muslim societies and their morals on LGBT people and Germany's double discrimination on LGBT Refugees. If you have one or two hours to talk with me about your experiences and have cup of coffee or so, I'd be grateful.

No video recording or photos will not be taking during the interviews. Only voice record.

I really need some more volunteers for such a research. Please help me.

asked Feb 3, 2016 in Education by baharimou
Hello Bahar,  I think we should explain what the acronym LGBT means so that everybody knows what you are talking about: LGB represents Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. Regards, Jan

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Hello Bahar,

contact Facebook group "Asylrecht für LGBT-Flüchtlinge" (in English: "right of asylum for LGBT refugees):

Regards, Jan
answered Feb 4, 2016 by Jan
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