Hello everyone ..
Two days ago I was in Cafe Dialoge, I wanted to ask them about joining a university so they told me that I should modify my certificate so it becomes like a German one for German universities to accept it but I don't know how or where can I do this
Can anyone help with this matter please knowing that I live in a village 40 kilometers away from Gottingen and I have my Syrian certificate translated to German ??
asked Nov 19, 2015 in Education by B.JaK.W

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Hello B.JaK.W, I found this information regarding to your question:

Conversion of a foreign academic degree into an equivalent German degree must be requested from the State Ministry os Science and Culture. Prior consultation with the state ministry is recommended.

Refugees, their spouses and offspring can request that their university degree obtained abroad be converted to an equivalent German university degree if
• they are entitled persons according to § 10 of the Federal Refugees Act,
• an equivalent German degree exists, and
• they have not lodged any relevant request with any other authority in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The requirements for the recognition itself vary greatly, and always depend on the individual case.

Necessary documents
You must submit the following documents with your request:
• original-language diploma and original-language summary of grades for the diploma, or original-language doctorate degree
• translation of the documents into German (for dual-language documents, the official language of the country of origin is definitive, the translation may also be submitted in the form of the original signed by the interpreter/translator).
• refugee certification/certification as ethnic German re-settler
• current registration card showing residence in your current state (the registration card may also be submitted in the original)
• name-change certificates, if the name on the application differs from that on the certificate/document
• CV in table form

The State Ministry of Science and Art assesses the application and necessary documents, and advises whether the application can be approved or not. If conversion is possible, a certificate is issued. An administrative fee is charged for assessing the application. It is generally between EUR 60 and 100, and must be paid upon receipt of the payment request. No fees are charged if the application is lodged within three years of the applicant becoming a permanent resident in Germany.

More information here: https://www.plauen.de/de/amt24/verfahren/413389.php

And here you can find a contact person that can help you with the procedure at Universität Göttingen:

Maria Wöste
Zentrale Studienberatung
Phone: +49.551395766
maria.woeste (at) zvw.uni-goettingen.de

More information here: http://www.studieren-in-niedersachsen.de/en/fluechtlinge-ansprechpartner.htm

Hope it helps :)
answered Nov 20, 2015 by Beatriz
Thank you so much Beatriz,
I will try to call her on Monday because she only takes the calls on working days from 14.00 to 15.00 , and I'll keep you updated :)
How did it go? Were you able to talk to her? :)
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