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ﻷصحاب التجربة ، ارجو الافادة
ما هي الاوراق المطلوبة بالتحديد من اجل لم الشمل من مصر؟ ليس عندي القدرة للدفع على تصديق الاوراق من لبنان انا لست بحاجة اليها، و ما هي تكلفة تصديق الاوراق من لبنان؟
المكاتب بالشام عم يطلبو مبالغ كبيرة، ارجو من اصحاب التجربة القريبة الافادة و شكرا
asked Nov 14, 2015 in Other Questions by sam (110 points)
english please?
Indeed, an new post in English would be helpful to see if anyone can give an answer. A translation by Google or another translation service did not make much sense.
thx. i wl repost in English.
actually  i have posted in Arabic though , it sounds not always clear and it's difficult to get your questions answerd, so we relay more on people experience, and my question was simply about the required documents for family reunion of the German embassy in Egypt. plus the cost of document legalization from the embassy in Beirut as unfortunately they do require that,in Egypt although that 's not easy and cost a lot

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I hope the information attached as PDF can help you. I highlighted the important part to make it easier for you to translate from German to English.
Source of the PDF is

Regards, Jan
answered Dec 14, 2015 by Jan (59,810 points)
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