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I would like to meet other people who are experiencing the same steps/difficulties as me, if anyone has some tips I would be grateful, thanks. Fatu
asked Oct 19, 2015 in Activities by Fatu (160 points)
Hi Fatu, in which part of Berlin are you staying currently? Maybe it would be nice to find something close to you. best wishes, Anne
Hey, I live in Lichtenberg, thank you.

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Hi Fatu,

Bärbel Olhagaray is your partner in integration you can call her 030/ 90 296 -3907 or you try Irina Plat with 030/ 90 296 -3596 for all your questions.
Second you find other refugees and kids with support here: Wohnheim AWO Refugium Lichtenberg Rhinstraße 125/127 Berlin

answered Oct 27, 2015 by DianaNi (510 points)
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