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Hey Wefugee community!

I have some free time and I would be happy to teach German for free if that would help!

Let me know what shall I do!

asked Aug 25, 2015 in How can I help? by Angela (210 points)
Nice thinking...!!!
Hello, i want to learn German as soon as possible hope you can help me
Hallo .ich heisse fadia . Vielleicht konnen sie mir hilfen mit deutsch spriechen

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Hey Angela,

Please find here under two possibilities to register online to teach refugees German :

Have a good day!

answered Sep 3, 2015 by Caro (5,200 points)
Unfortunately link above seems to be bad at this time, I can't connect to the site.
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answered Jul 18, 2016 by Eleanor (1,290 points)
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For anyone interested in Angela┬┤s offer, you can also go to her profile page here on Wefugees and shoot her a private message. When you go to someone┬┤s profile, the link to send a private message is the little envelope button under the username.

Thanks, Angela!!
answered Jul 25, 2016 by julia.d (6,780 points)
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