I have been living with kidney disease for the last 2 years both kidney are gone and I’m living with the help of a Dialisi ,I was staying in Italy before but due to racist I wasn’t treatment better ,so I had to come to Germany which I brought all my medical report and I started taking Dialisi here ,but with all this will Germany granted me resident permit to stay here ?my mother also died of this when she visited Nigeria ,they couldn’t treat her she died as a result of not getting better treatment ,so please can I get a resident permit here in Germany with all my medical report ?
asked Apr 16 in Asylum proceedings by Frank edwin | 474 views

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Hi @Frank edwin

As you have posted your question under the topic of asylum proceedings, I assume you are an asylum seeker in Germany.

The German authorities will first assess whether they are responsible for you or if you have to return to Italy. This is called the Dublin procedure and it determines which EU country is responsible for the processing of an asylum application. As part of this process, you will be interviewed. It is important to provide a detailed account of your medical condition at this interview.

It is possible to have ‘Dublin procedure’ cases heard in Germany for medical reasons, but the threshold for this to happen is very high. You would have to show that the medical services in Italy for a person in your situation are so deficient that to be sent back there would be considered inhumane treatment. If it is determined that Italy is responsible for your case, you can appeal the decision.

In the case that Germany processes your asylum application, I cannot say whether you will be granted a residence permit for humanitarian reasons. You do not mention any grounds for receiving asylum. Therefore, the only type of permit I consider possible based on the information you provide is what is called a ‘deportation ban’ (Abschiebungsverbot). This can be issued due to a person’s health condition. However, there is also a high threshold for this. It would have to be shown that a person with your condition cannot receive adequate treatment in Nigeria. The treatment does not have to be at the same level as in Germany and the treatment does not have to be on offer throughout the country in order for the authorities here to consider it as an adequate standard.

Here you can read more about this type of permit:




answered May 16 by mbeon-Éanna
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