We are family of 6, still in Asylverfahren, we get 0 Asylbewerberleistungen for last 4 months because 4 of us practice at least 30 hours of job. We currently live in Asylheim.

Through Caritas Türoffner we found a new home in our Landkreis. Our Ausländerbehörde(zuständig only for the city) asked us to bring Mietvertrag and Lohnabrechnungen to them, what we did on first day, 3 weeks ago. On the same day they told us that they sent the documents to Landratsamt Ausländerbehörde (zuständig for entire Landkreis) because house is in not in the city(5km away) but in Landkreis. Back to story: in 2 days I visited LRA(landratsamt) Ausländerbehörde and was welcome very unfriendly on which i stayed calm and friendly explaining that we had to move in 4 weeks and needed answer in at least 3 weeks. They told me to wait and they will get things done when they will, 1 and half week passed, i called them, same happend, on 3rd week i went in person there and they told me they sent documsnts back to Stadt Ausländerbehörde for some kind of formullar, upon my visit to Stadt Ausländerbehörde next day, they told me that they had recieved nothing. On monday, start of 4th week I got fed up. We recieved the keys, we have 1 week to move in and there needs to be every room renovated, including changing whole Boden carpets and door locks and etc. Basically it's already hard to get the house ready in one week. In desperation I went to Rotes Kreuz Beratung in my city. They called both of them and finally figures out that LRA Ausländerbehörde had asked Stadt Ausländerbehörde for some documents and all the documents are now still bei LRA Ausländerbehörde and they told us that they are not going to give answer in following 3-4 weeks.
This is nonsense.
We and Rotes Kreuz has explained everything about how we need to know answer right now so we can buy furniture( we have nothing as we live in Unterkunft) and materials and spend about 3k€ without even being sure. On which also comes that we will have to start paying rent for new house and also 1000€ (also absurd amount we have to pay last months) for 1 room in Unterkunft.

I have read this law: https://fluechtlingsrat-bw.de/grundlagen/wohnsitzauflage/

"Äußert sie sich nicht innerhalb der Vierwochenfrist, gilt die Zustimmung als erteilt (§ 72 Absatz 3a AufenthG)." Is this something that meets our situation? On next Monday on 1st April ( on date when we should move in ) wll end the 4th week and start 5th ever since we brought documents to Stadt Ausländerbehörde and they sent it to LRA Ausländerbehörde.
If so what can we do and if not what other chances do we have? We have been looking fkr a houseast 4 5 months without luck and this is perfect offer foe us which peobably wont come in next few months.
asked Mar 26 in Home & Living by Andrey_Malk | 390 views

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Update: They now told Red Cross that our case, which as said is urgent, would be handed over to new employee. Citate: " who doesn't know how to do it, will need to learn it and make employees check. She probably won't do it before middle of Alril ". It looks like LRA Auslanderbehorde is now just punishing us because we tried to be active and called out their unfriendliness to Red Cross and Sozialarbeiter. This is something of a very immature behavior. They probably have never  experienced living in 30m² with 6 people and be forced to be paying 1000€ for it and now they do this :) I would love to have right to tell them all this in front of their faces. But they probably will punish us further :)
answered Mar 26 by Andrey_Malk
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Hello, our case is given to another person now. They don't meet us and secretiariat says they don't know how far they are with checking our documents and whats left to do. Unbelievable. I am very done. I don't know what i will do next time im met like an animal to this office.
answered Apr 4 by Andrey_Malk
All I can say you messed up already , if you keep making problem with Authorities , you will get nothing at all :) and don’t forget you are the one here need help not the Auslanderbehörde . So be patience and and behave nice so at least you can make the things ok :) and Germany is all about rules and regulations you can’t force anything by your behaviors . I went through one  whole long year process just for changing a Stadt without Aufenthalt in my Asylum time period .
Thanks for telling him the honest truth. Before he even get the Mietervetrag he wasn't suppose to sign in. By law when you are in camp and you have found a house you get the Mietervetrag and give the Sozialamt. The. Sozialamt will communicate with ABH. Many factors are considered before you are given a green light to move out. Again when you know you can't afford to renovate the house or pay kaution then don't move in. Without approval from both offices you can't move in because they will not pay anything for you. Some have searched for 2 years for a house. Your behavior will hold you back.
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