Hi. I have desperately been trying to get a phone number for months now. I got a Prepaid Sim from Vodafone but they said that they cant proceed with the idenfitication process with a Aufenthaltsgestattung. Does anyone know which companies are okay with it? I only want a Prepaid Sim and not much else. I just want it to be identified so I can use it. There is a Deutsche Telekom, Aldi (I was thinking of Aldi Talk) and an O2 nearby. I dont want to waste my money on something I cant use again.
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Hi @maribel999

The information you received is incorrect. All telecoms companies must accept the document ‘Aufenthaltsgestattung’.

The law regulating this is the telecommunications law. Paragraph 172, section 2 covers what type of documents the companies have to accept as a form of identification. Under number 5, you can see ‘Aufenthaltsgestattung’ is written:


I recommend you return to Vodafone with this information. If they persist in refusing to register you, you can contact the organisation called ‘Verbraucherzentrale’.

They are the organisation that protects consumers in Germany and so can help you if you have any issue with a particular company, for example regarding a contact you enter into with them:




answered 4 days ago by mbeon-Éanna
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Lyca mobil you can buy easily from kiosk

Aldi can activated from Aldi süd employees
answered 4 days ago by Coop
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