The new law will be in April formally in action. I just have a question. I applied last year August for German pass and i think its still on process bcoz i just receive a letter from ABH last dec that they just need a copy of valid resident permit they didnt ask for more so im assuming i gave all the needed requirements. Now is the question.

- Does the new law cover us even if i already apply and still in the process?
- i did not fully understand about the children who was born here. Will they also get german citizenship, because i apply it together with my 1 yr. Old daughter? Hopefully if im Eingebürgert will my daughter get automatically German citizenship or i need to wait for 5 years for her to get it.

Thank you!
asked Jan 20 in Home & Living by Jj061987 | 340 views

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Hi @Jj061987

The law that decides on your application will be the law in place when your application is processed. If it is processed before April, it will be under the old law; if done after April, it will be under the new law.

Your daughter is also entitled to German citizenship if you are. Here you can read an explanation of this from the city of Cologne but the rules are the same throughout Germany:




answered Feb 23 by mbeon-Éanna
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