Hallo Everyone,

I'm having a problem and I need a legal advice from you.

I'm Muhammad from Pakistan living in Germany and have German nationality I need information about my mother visa refusal. I explain it from start in 2021 I bought house in Germany and had little renovation untill 2023. This year November 2023 Me and my wife we planned to make house warming party and my birthday party celebration which is also in November.we decided to invite my mother from Pakistan for 3 weeks My son wanted to meet grandmother also.i asked from landarsamt as they told me I submitted my and my wife documents.From Landarsamt staff she told me they don't need my wife documents because my documents are strong enough to invite my mother and she make verpflichtungserklärung for my mother instad 3 weeks She give Mehrjahresvisum.

As visa requirements in Pakistan I provide them all documents 3 months insurance ,6 salary slips ,house Grundbuch etc...

Yesterday my mother got letter from embessy visa is refused because they don't trust she will go back to Pakistan(Es bestehen begründete Zweifel an Ihrer Absicht, das Hoheitsgebiet der Mitgliedstaaten vor Ablauf des Visums zu verlassen)That's really so disappointing for me. Landarsamt give Mehrjahresvisum Verpflichtungerklärung instead 3 weeks and there they don't trust she go back to Pakistan.

Now they said I can do appeal against their decision.and I will go it soon.but I want your legal advice what I have rights here as German nationality holder who want to invite mother.

Thank You in advance.

Your sincerely,

asked Jul 22 in Legal advice by Muhammadshoaib1811 | 78 views

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Dear Muhammad, 

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. 

First of all, I am happy to learn that you managed to get the citizenship and to solve the related issues. Really sorry though that you are struggling with the authorities again now - this time about a visa for your mother. I can understand your disappointment. 

As you know, we are not lawyers at Wefugees and can not provide legal advice in that sense, just share our knowledge and experience. As far as I know, you can appeal against the negative decision immediately but also file a remonstration (complaint) within four weeks after the rejection in the first place. This may be the cheaper and faster procedure. In case the remonstration will get rejected, there is still the option to appeal in court. I am afraid that you should try to add more proof/explanations why your mother is definitely not planning to stay in Germany but will return to Pakistan to convince the authorities. 

Maybe a counselling centre or a lawyer can be helpful here. 

Can you add any advice/information dear @mbeon-fardeen

@muhammadshoaib1811, please don't hesitate to keep us updated or to get back to us with any further questions. 

All the best, 


answered Jul 30 by Meike
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