Hello. We are lesbian couple from Georgia,we live in Lübeck city and have an Ausweis for Refugees.How can we get marry each other with that documents? We do not have any information,please help us!

Sincerely yours Mari and Ilona
asked Mar 21, 2023 in Other Questions by mariberuashvili | 350 views

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Hi @mariberuashvili,

The office responsible for marriage is called the Standesamt. You should contact the Standesamt in Lüübeck and ask for an appointment. Here is the information about it (via online translation):


They will inform you which documents they require. In general these are a birth certificate, passport and certificate of eligibility to marry (Ehefähigkeitsbescheinigung). The last document is usually issued by the Georgian embassy.

It is not clear to me what kind of residence paper you have and whether you are still in the asylum process with the paper 'Aufenthaltsgestattung' or you have received a residence permit 'Aufenthaltstitel'. In either case, as refugees you cannot contact the embassy of your home country for the certificate you need. For such cases, the Standesamt can accept an affadvit about your marital status given to them.



answered Mar 22, 2023 by mbeon-Éanna
Hello, for the first thank you for an answer.We have just an refugees Ausweis ,we do not have residence permission as well. In our country it is prohabited marriage of Lesbians or Gaz couples, thats why the will not help us, this is the first reason that we are here in Germany.
Thanks a lot
You're welcome! The first place to speak with is the Standesamt.
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