I live in Merseburg since 2015, i got a job in Sachsen, can i move with my family in Sachsen. I was apply for relocation but they refuse my application. I can not afford two house rent almost 1100€ Plus every week visit my family. Ausländerbehorde never support me. They did not give Aufenthaltserlaubnis §19d. I have Bachelor degree from german uni, Deutsch certi B2/C1, job in my studied field, my and my wife passport they have , i have already apply my kind passport also. I have also Wohnungsmietvetrag.

please help me , what can i do for relocation merseburg nach dresden.
asked Jun 8 in Asylum proceedings by parekh2111

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Dear @parekh2111

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. 

I’m afraid, though, that it will be very difficult to give you any further advice in your case. Can you maybe explain the reason the immigration office gave you for the rejection of the application to move? As far as I remember, your situation was in general quite complicated, right? I think you had a lawyer as well, right? Did you consult him/her in this issue already? 

Looking forward to your response and all the best, 


answered Jun 11 by Meike
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