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Good morning everyone,  firstly, I want to thank each and everyone in here, it was really indeed helpful,  I have a serious question that needs an urgent answer please, my friend got a deportation ban from the court and the bamf send him a final decision for the Auslander to issue him a residence permit due to his homosexuality,  the Auslander requested for his country passport before they can issue him the residence permit, my question now is that won't it be risky for him to go to his country embassy to apply for his country passport since he is not safe in his country due to his homosexuality and also won't the Auslander use that against him if he provide his country passport. I told him not to try it since he is wanted in his country.
asked Jan 13 in Legal advice by Patrifa
@Great man, the issue now is that he has already given Aulander his country passport, my main question is that, will him be issue the residence permit by Auslander since he already given his country passport or will Auslander use his country passport to work against the decision and then refuse to issue him his residence permit.

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Hello Patrifa,
It's possible that to they will issue him the residence permit without the national passport, but the disadvantage there is that he won't be given Reisausweis für Ausländer, consequently he won't able to travel with the residence permit outside Germany.
answered Jan 13 by Great Man
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Hello Patrifa,
The court decision is final, that means the Ausländerbehörde is obliged to accept the decision from court.
Yes of course the Ausländerbehörde will issue him the residence permit.
The court has already banned the immigration authority not to deport him back to his home country, so
no  need for him to worry about deportation.

answered Jan 13 by Great Man
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