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Dear Wefugee Team,
I would like to know, whether a person with Aufenhaltgesttatung or Duldung need work permit when he or she want to work trial day (Schnupper Tag) as part of recruiting process.
asked Jan 2 in Work by Karin Alex
hi, no you don't need work permit for that 1 day. A work permit/permission is allowed when to want to start Praktikum or work.

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Hallo Karin,
For Schnuppern Tag people don't need work permit, but some cases you have to get approval letter from your clerk at the local Ausländerbehörde.
I have passed through this process before in order to do my Praktikum at the hospital.
I don't know if it's the same procedure in all of Germany, but I live in Niedersachsen.

Good luck.
answered Jan 2 by Great Man
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