Dear Wefugee Team,
I would like to know, whether a person with Aufenhaltgesttatung or Duldung need work permit when he or she want to work trial day (Schnupper Tag) as part of recruiting process.
asked Jan 2, 2022 in Work by Karin Alex | 192 views
hi, no you don't need work permit for that 1 day. A work permit/permission is allowed when to want to start Praktikum or work.

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Hallo Karin,
For Schnuppern Tag people don't need work permit, but some cases you have to get approval letter from your clerk at the local Ausländerbehörde.
I have passed through this process before in order to do my Praktikum at the hospital.
I don't know if it's the same procedure in all of Germany, but I live in Niedersachsen.

Good luck.
answered Jan 2, 2022 by Great Man
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