Good Day everyone here.. My name is Kess and am from Ghana but, living here in Germany. Please i need a fast help. Am married to a german and we hVe a new born baby together. I applied for paragraph 28 ab 1. But, Auslanderbeholden refuse my application and ask me to go and come wth a family reunion visa. And i was given a pre-approval letter to submit in my embassy. My question is will i be granted the visa if my wife is not working? Because my appointment in africa is very near now so, i need to know about the condition of work.  Because my wife is not working. Or at the embassy for reunion visa i wont be ask for my wife lohnerbregnung?
asked Dec 30, 2021 in Legal advice by Kesskester28 | 325 views
Hallo Kess
This is only my opinions
1. After Authorities refused your §28 application you should take a matter to court.
2. I don't know what is your status in Germany right now. I mean are you in which Visa? Asyl process or refused Asyl seeker etc. I am asking this because later  in Embassy this might play a big role to grant a person Visa. Examples I will not want to go to Ghana to apply for a visa after my asylum application was rejected by high court and asylum case closed. I will stand my ground and fight for my family rights in Germany than in Ghana
3. Assuming your in Asylum process right now.
Then going to Ghana for a Visa and coming back to join your love one won't be difficult. Because maximum waiting time for such a Visa in most African countries is 90 days. Get prepared financially and mentally its hard.
4. Appointments in Germany Embassies abroad is normal procedures from landrasamt. Some people get a free return ticket. I mean you will go to airport and meet with officers who will give you directions with your passport. The Embassy will do the same process to inform you about a Visa and when is your flight back to Germany.
5. Personal problems
    If you have personal problems like criminal offences here in Germany being in prison,probation issues , your a witness in a case or waiting a trial in court it is better to contact a legal time for advice before you make a move.
6. If you have enough time why don't you write an email to Germany Embassy in Ghana. Ask them what will you need to prepare before your appointment.
I hope more people will come up here with different ideas to help you.
All the best
@Cockington, Thank u so much for ur response.. actually my Asyl is rejected and my lawyer close it after my marriage to apply 4 my permit. And am taking my Daughter (2yrs) along with me to ghana. Secondly, i dont want to waste my time and money with court. Auslanderbeholden agreed with me to make all preparation from here then, travel home few days to my appointment. I will be given a pre-approval letter too.. but, just want to knw from this group if my wife not working will delay my visa in Ghana?

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Dear @Kesskester28

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for your question. 

For a familiy reunification with a German citizen, it is not a requirement that the German person is working or having an income (even though it may simplify or speed up the whole procedure). Since you were giving a pre-approval letter (Vorabzustimmung) from the Ausländerbehörde already, I would not worry too much. Relevant are your German skills though, as you may prove skills on minimum level A1 - did you consider this? 

All the best and looking forward to your reply, 


answered Jan 9, 2022 by Meike
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