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The polic caught us on the border before i could claim for asylum.they took our ohotos and fingerprints later they us we will give you a train ticket and an address where you will go to a new camp. My question is what if i don't go there? I want to go to my sister's house and rest for two days later go a different city In north where i have some close friends and family
asked Nov 21, 2021 in Asylum proceedings by Azad003
Yesterday they gave me some papers and on the first paper ,there is an address and they have written "you are requested to to report immediately to the following authority".
I didn't go there and my train ticket was for one day so
Does this mean its required that i go to this address?
Please i need an answer urgently

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You can go to any other city
Since you are not yet registered in the camp you where directed to
When you get to the city you which to register
Look for any registration center there and registered
answered Nov 21, 2021 by Prince baba
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