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Hallo, I need advice. I came to Germany with a visit visa and then applied for asylum with is now rejected, in a meantime I'm working and paying my rent. My employer contacted the Ausländerbehörde such that they can let me stay. So the  Ausländerbehörde is saying I should go back to my country and ask for a work visa. My worry is will the Embassy issue me a visa  or it will be denied because I overstayed my visit visa? Looking forward to hearing from you
asked Nov 21, 2021 in Legal advice by Jesa

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Hallo.i don't know so much about your situation and how you came to visit and then applied  for assylum. What I can just tell you is that look for an auslander lawyer before going back to your home country,because  if you have no child in Germany ,it's almost impossible  for the embassy  to give you a visa to comeback especially  if you overstayed  and seemed assylum. Just search for a lawyer, he or she will advise  you about  your situation..and also here on Wefugees can also help in some ways when people  read your question.i hope everything  goes well with your situation.
answered Nov 21, 2021 by Salome Mkota
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