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We have had Dulungs since 2017 and I live with my Family (My Wife and With 2 Daughters- ) since 2015.

My daughter goes to school in 6th Standard.

and other Daughter goes to Kindergarten and she born in Germany 2016

I got Bachelor's Degree last week from Hochschule and I got also a Job Contract of 31000,00€ pa in my studied field.

Ausländerbehorde told me that, they want minimum  Salary Slip for 3-6 months then after I got aufenthaltserlaubnis with  §25 abs 5.

Can you please explain to me §25 abs 5?

which Status and under Which §para (Rules) will I  & My family member get a residence Permit?

which is good for me?

  I did not submit my original Passport Till date.

Which is better Rules for me to apply?

 What is my chance to get Aufenthaltserlaubnis?
asked Nov 18, 2021 in Asylum proceedings by parekh2111

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