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asked Jul 31 in Asylum proceedings by Emmanuel Nunu
She doesn’t have an Italian residence permit though.
Dear Emmanuel Nunu,

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us.
In order to provide a tailored answer on your question, some more information be will necessary. Are you German citizen or do you have a residence permit in Germany? If yes, what type of residence permit? Are you working in Germany and independent from social welfare?

We are looking forward to your reply and all the best,


Dear Meike, 

thanks a lot for your comment.

I’m not a German but I have a residence permit of two years because I’m working full time and have a permanent job. I don’t get social welfare from the government.

I got a two years residence permit because I went to school and did an apprenticeship here in Germany.

Now I wanna go and marry my girlfriend in Italy, but I don’t know whether she’ll be granted visa since she doesn’t speak German and since we’re not getting marry in our home country.

Thanks for your reply 


Dear Emmanuel Nunu, 

Thank you very much for your explanations and sorry for the rather late reply. 

I will link two of our experts here: Dear @mbeon-fardeen or @manrhei-mbeon, can you give some advice here? Nevertheless, it will be still important to know the exact residence permit you are holding. Is it according to section 19d of the German Residence Act (after completing "Ausbildungsduldung" for instance)? 

And what kind of residence permit does your girlfriend in Italy have? 

Are you able to get married officially in Italy? Please find some further information on the marriage procedure in Italy here:

All the best, 


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