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Hello there. I'm in the process of getting married with my girlfriend but she's was told by stadtamt after the documents verification/authentication from my home country she need to provide a proof of income/financial statement but unfortunately she's currently unemployed AND can the authorities (stadtamt) prevent us from getting married because of that AND how often did stadtamt ask for a proof of income/financial statement.

Is everyone ask to provide a proof of income /financial statement before getting married or it depends on some situations and if yes what are the situations??
Thanks in advance.
asked Jun 20 in Legal advice by Hakeem

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Hi @Hakeem,

the easiest way is to ask the Standesamt why the need proof of financial situation. Otherwise I can only guess.

Basically said: There is no law that you have to prove your income when wanting to marry.

My guess is: You need a "Ehefähigkeitszeugnis", you cannot bring it, this is why you need to be excempted from this rule by the Oberlandesgericht. The court (Oberlandesgericht) charges a fee that depends on your income.

See here for more information (I took OLG Köln as example)



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