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Please, my Ghanaian brother wants to return voluntarily to Ghana.He has Ghanaian Passport and wants to buy his own ticket without any help from any Organization.Is it possible for him to travel only with his passport without any paperwork from Ausländerbehörde? Thank you
asked Feb 14 in Other Questions by Tony1111

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Did the auslanderbehorde ask hm to return voluntarily to catch up national visa or he is going willingl?
answered Feb 15 by Albertz
Thank for you mail.He has not seek asylum in any European country not in Germany too. He don't like the situation he finds himself here in Germany and wants to voluntarily return back to Ghana. He can afford his own traveling cost. He is confused because there is no straight Plane from Germany to Ghana unless he transit through one of the European countries. Thank you
I suggest he goes to Ghana embassy in Berlin
They would get him a document that would help him get to Ghana . They usually deal
With cases of that sort.
Kind regards
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