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I met someone from Kurdistan and I’d like to help him to get indentification, where to start? How to help?:(
asked Oct 12, 2020 in How can I help? by Jaana
As more info, he was born in Syria, and atm living in Kurdistan, Iraq

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Hi Jaana, 

I read an article concerning this topic, see below:

So it depends where he comes from exactly (Turkey, Iran, irac) and what is the reason for his application for asylum. Please let us know more Details, 

Afterwards we are able to tell you further proceedings.

Best wishes


answered Oct 13, 2020 by Julia BaSEl
This also might be a Good address:
Yeah he’s born in Syria, living in Kurdistan, Iraq, erbil... we are totally stuck and helpless
So at the Moment he is living abroad in Kurdistan? And wants to move to Germany and apply for asylum. Are you a couple?
Yes, he’s living there, and yes we are couple:)We both haven’t had any such experiences before, you can’t choose who you love, we both just don’t know what we can do:(
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