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I came from India as I was harassed by the Indian police and was implicated falsely in a case. I ran away from the country after I won the case in the judicial court but the police is still after me. I have proof that I am innocent but Indian police won't leave me and I have threats to my life and freedom. I got visa for UK and Switzerland. I went to UK then came to Switzerland and ended up in Germany without visa, so that the Indian authorities may not find where I am. I want to apply for asylum in Germany but Dublin 3 regulation applies to me. How can I apply for asylum in Germany and get my application accepted and avoid Dublin regulation? I had no information about asylum and Dublin regulation but heard about it after reaching here, I want to apply for asylum and want to stay in Germany. I reached UK on 7th October 2019 and reached Switzerland on 14th October 2019 from there I reached Germany on 15th October 2019 and I’m here since then. I’m stuck now, Please help.
asked Jun 27, 2020 in Legal advice by Gaurav

Dear @Gaurav

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. 

When I read your post I understood that you are in a very difficult situation. As you mentioned already, according to the Dublin regulation, the country which issued a visa in the first place is usually responsible for the asylum case. Considering that you are basically illegal in Germany since about 6 months and it is very difficult to give tailored advice on such a complex case, I would highly recommend you to seek support in a migration counselling office, for instance. You will find a respective office in almost every city in Germany and they offer confidential and free of charge services. I would be happy to support you in finding one close to your current location. Please feel free to get back to us with that. 

All the best, Meike 

P.S.: I saw that you opened another thread with similar content. In order to keep a better overview and information in one place I closed that one. I hope this is okay for you.

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