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I am from bangladesh and a master student in germany. I finished all subjects but failed to submit my thesis. So after 2 months the university will de-register me. And as I am here with a long term student visa, if my studentship cancels I have to leave the country. I still have 6 months visa. Now I get married with a Romanian girl last week in denmark and she is working permanently here for 3 years. We are living together and in the house contract both of our names are included. I am also a part time worker here. We legalize the marriage certificate from the denmark foreign ministry with apostile. Now do i need to register my marriage certificate in the Stadsampt or I can directly apply for a long term 5years resident permit? And in between this time if my university cancel my studentship will my long term resident permit will be invalid as well? Or do you suggest to hire any lawer ?
asked Jun 20, 2020 in Home & Living by Shifat7788

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Yes. You need to register that marriage with your local office as soon as possible for recognization in Germany ( Benefits). The same day, you can apply for a Resident Permit (Marriage) while still in Germany under your student visa. Student Visa is for any and all education in Germany. So, find something new. No Stress
answered Jun 25, 2020 by Jewishboy92
Hi. Thanks for your reply. I went to rathaus and apply for resident permit. On that day they took only my passport , one photo, old resident card and the marriage certificate. Then I paid 28.80 euro and give the finger print. The lady gave me a temporary permit until I have the passport validity which is 3.5 yrs and she said I can renew it later and from that day I can work anywhere and how much I want. The card will come to my home after 5 weeks. And she said all the other information they have as we were living together for a long time. Now she said as I get married inside eu and I have apostil, so the marriage certificate is recognised any of the eu country. She didn't say anything that I have to register. But she took one copy of that. Now what kind of benefit you mean if I register the document? And do i have to do it at Standesamt?
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