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I have a German student visa and study at Cologne University. Due to a justified reason, I am unable to request a passport from my home country embassy. My passport and my residence permit will expire soon. I need a new passport to extend my residency.

 I am also qualified to receive asylum status. 

Due to my study, I prefer to choose a way which has a lower limitation because I am a doctoral student and should be able to travel for research and training easily. Now to compare these two options( submit for asylum or for a gray pass)  especially in terms of moving limitations, I have 4 questions: 

1- If Cologne foreign office issued  Reiseausweis für Ausländer und Staatenlose, does it mean I must live only in the Cologne? ( for example, I wouldn't be allowed to reside in another city in NRW or another state (eg. Bremen )?

2- Should I remain in my German student position if I want to have Reiseausweis für Ausländer und Staatenlose? What will happen if I leave my PhD? Is leaving my study will cancel my gray pass? What will happen if I decide to start a university program in another German state?

3- After getting Reiseausweis für Ausländer und Staatenlose, if I receive a job offer from another EU country (or if I want to stay in another country for a one or two years fellowship ), can I get the working visa of that country with my German Reiseausweis für Ausländer und Staatenlose? 

4- I read in the forum, the duration of gray pass would be the same as the duration of my study. What will happen when I finish my study?!! Should I submit asylum when the gray pass expired? I just think that it might be wise to submit asylum now if I have to finally do it after 2 or 3 years! 

4- Which option is a better option for a person who wants to travel and work in the EU with lower limitation? 

 I would appreciate your recommendation. I have a complicated condition and I wish to find a way with less harm to my academic future.  Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. 

asked Jun 6 in Legal advice by Azar1990

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