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Dear All,

I got Dublin decision appealed against it on October and received the reject reply on November. Lawyer has charged 450 Euro for the case and he asked to another 1400 Euro in case the case continued. Since our appeal also got rejected we have changed our lawyer.however, after 6 months the old lawyer again sending some charges saying he required more 585 euro as per below.

Representation to the Aachen Administrative Court in the main proceedings 

Item value: € 6,000.00 Item

Procedural fee Euro 480.20

Flat fee Euro 20.00 

Flat fee for expenses total net Euro 480.20

Vat Euro 91.24

Total Euro 985.08

Already Paid Euro 4000

Pending Euro 585.08

#222222; font-size: small;">Remarks - Pay before 22.05.20

Moreover, we have already paid Euro 450 and not Euro 400 which we already have a receipt. and this lawyer has cancelled all the appointments after the rejection of appeal and didn't even answer our phone calls. we couldn't get touch of this guy at all.

And how could he ask such kind of money just like this and what can we do for this and what will happen if we don't pay this.

Best Regards,


asked May 11 in Other Questions by Taniya

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Hello Taniya @ thank you for sharing your question here on this platform. I will suggest you give this letter to your new lawyer and explain everything to him . I believe he will know what to do about this case.  Thanks
answered May 11 by Denny28
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