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Hello, I am  first year in Ausbildung as a cook. I stopped to go to work last month because my boss discriminated me from first day. I was unable to be patient any longer therefore, I decided not to work with him . I stopped go to work because I had dispersed Situation but after two days they sent me termination letter. I want to continue my Ausbildung but I can’t find new employer as quick as possible due to corona problem. Can I start my same Ausbildung after some months? Agentur für Arbeit will allow me to start it again? Please advise me.
asked Apr 9 in Education by Hansaka
edited Apr 10 by Hansaka

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Dear Hansaka,

yes you can start your education as a cook again. But i think you cant continue where you have stopped.

Maybe i have not all of Information for that but i think the "Agentur für Arbeit" wants everybody to help to get a new job so i think that shouldnt be a problem.

If you recieve money from the Arbeitsagentur i cant give you advise but i think too that they wouldnt stop to pay you because the Termination was indicated by mobbing you.

These are websites where you can find maybe a new employer
answered Apr 13 by daisyyyhh
Thank you so much. I hope so but difficulty is find new place with present situation.
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