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Hello everyone very please to ask here question always so setisified from Wefugees’s

Today my question is I have resident permit based on marriage I work full time and a mini job if my wife and me will apply for wohngeld this can effect my resident permit or in future when I will apply permanent resident that’s my question I hope I will have some nice answer

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asked Jan 17, 2020 in Other Questions by Musawvir
@Musawvir when you marry , did they ask you to go back to your home country and come back with family reunion visa? Because I am illegal now , my german girlfriend is pregnant for 8 months and 2 weeks .. I don't know if they will ask me to go back to my home country and come back with family reunion visa after my woman put to birth because I am illegal?

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Brother listen you don’t need to worry because it’s soon you will have child and you will have birth certificate and all custody for child if your wife is Europen or German or she is just your girl friend doesn’t matter but once your child will born you are entitled to have resident permit of three years if child is German that’s your right because you must look after your child and as you say you are illegal and you have German family member you suppose to take visa from your home country to come back and join family memeber here but in your case you are illegal in Germany so that’s bad for immigration they will force you to go back and apply visa but to get visa from your home country it’s nearly impossible the requirement s are too high so going back mean never coming back again so never ever think to go back and find a strong and best immigration lawyer after child birth and give all proof of being father spend little money extra for good lawyer and lawyer will take case to court and I’m very sure you will get your stay here 100% but it’s not easy to get legal from illegal in Germany so you must not give up and when case go court you will get resident permit because too many peoples get stay same condition like you so never give up it will be all good tell your girlfriend to make little drama for auslander she must show everywhere that she need you

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answered Jan 17, 2020 by Musawvir
@musawvir, i so much love ur motivational reply... my cousin broda right now is in the same condition.. but, luckily for him now his lawyer wrote straight to court and court have sent him appointment date to hear him out so, he is scared saying he believes Ausländerbehörde and d court work together.. Because he already told Ausländerbehörde that he can't go back to his home country for family reunion visa. So, he have Duldung for now and working too. He his married to a German lady and they have kid together now. So, his court date is next month. I hope for good news for him and i will come back here to tell everyone about it. So, Musawvir, what do you think he should say in court to make the judge make a d judgement on his favour?
Brother simple and easy when he have duldung and he go court he will win from court and court will give him stay in Germany to be with his family and child and he will get resident permit but at all this time how long he don’t listen final hearing from court tell him to stay with only duldung and not to have passport with him and I’m sure everything will go good because married plus father for kids very strong case . Best of luck
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My dear David,concerning what you are asking,I would advise you to get a good immigration lawyer now on your case before the baby is born,reasons are if your asylum was already rejected by court  and you are in hiding,secondly He will guide you through the process of regaining back your duldung so as to apply for resident.Because I was once in panic just like you but I didn't go back to my home land before I got my resident.all thanks to wefugees who gave me a good legal advice and everything went well and my resident permit was granted in one dear get a good lawyer.thanks
answered Jan 17, 2020 by Deprince
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