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asked Nov 14, 2019 in Legal advice by Siza

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Dear @Siza

thank you for sharing your question with the Wefugees Community! 

Could you give us some more information about your situation in order to try to help you? For example it would be useful to know with what kind of visa you came to Germany and why? Did you get any paper from the "foreign affairs" oder immigration office (Ausländerbehörde)? How did they "take" your passport?

Do you maybe have reasons for an asylum application (Please don´t share your person story here on the internet but maybe you have an idea if you might be suitable for asylum)?

If you don´t have any papers right now you should definitely go see a counselling centre or a migration lawyer since being illegally in Germany can be considered a crime. Counselling centres are a good option for starters because they are for free. Via this link you can find one close to you:

All the best 


Note: Please keep in mind that we can´t provide qualified legal advice via the internet and that any information given can´t replace such legal advice.

answered Nov 14, 2019 by InfoVerbund
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