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I'm very confused about this situation and will be happy if you help. I received a simple rejection on Dec 7 from BAMF and I appealed against it and now the court is inviting me to the court in April. but most of my friends who were rejected didn't get court invitation and others their appeal were not accepted by the court. and another one also waiting for the court to invite him has waited for more than 8 months. I want to know why my invitation came so quick. is there any problem with that??
asked Mar 2, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by hafiz123

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Dear @hafiz123,

Thank you for being such an active member of the community!

It is common practice that people are invited to a hearing for their appeal, for instance when the Court considers that the interview protocol is not sufficient to decide on the case. It is important to carefully read the rejection decision, understand why the asylum claim was rejected and be prepared to explained the reasons why one should be granted asylum. The help of a lawyer or a social worker is critical here.

It is difficult to say if it is a bad sign or not that your hearing invitation came quicker than for others. It depends on the internal organization of the Court and does not necessarily have any meaning.

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answered May 6, 2019 by Safia Advocate
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