I am an Asyl in Germanny with Aufelstatugestatung,I am also in Dublin case period-as i arrived in Germany with a Polish Visa)

I got a working offer from a relative of my girl friend in Australia,He asked me to give him the detailed explanation on the process he can take to move me here to Australia.

i want to know what i am supposed to have or to do so as i can go and start working in Australia.

I also want to know if my Dublin can case can be a problem to this?

Also how about my refugee status here in Germany?

Can I fly direct from Germany to Australia or i should go back to my Mother country to start the Australian process afresh?

asked Feb 8, 2019 in Work by Kim mimi | 447 views

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Dear @Kim mimi,

Thank you for sharing your questions with us and for contributing to our interactive platform!

Please bear in mind that the questions you've asked here are wide-ranging and therefore not easy for me to answer, but I will share some websites with you that can help.

Let's have a **** at your case in Germany first:

  • As you've mentioned, your case is affected by the Dublin-III Regulations, because Poland has issued you a visa before. Germany therefore recognizes Poland as the responsible country for your case. How far is your procedure here? 
  • Here, you can find a lot of detailed and helpful information regarding Dublin procedures in Germany: ****://w2eu.info/germany.en/articles/germany-dublin2.en.html
  • Also, please have a **** at this thread from our platform: Claim asylum for second time in EU
Regarding working in Australia: 
The first step would probably be to see which visa you could apply for and to see if you are eligible. Also, to check if the person you know would or can sponsor you to come and work in Australia. You would need proof of being offered the position, valid documents and sufficient funds to apply for the visa. 
I'm unsure how your asylum case in Germany would affect your visa application (Australia's immigration policies are very strict, I've experienced that myself). Maybe, reaching out to a refugee support service in your area can help, to discuss how your case affects your legal status. You can let us know where you are and we can research contact details for you. 
Also, you may need to get in touch with the Australian embassy for more information on your visa application and documents/ steps you need to take. 
I hope this information helps. Please reach out to us again if you need any further assistance and good luck!
All the best,
answered Feb 15, 2019 by Isa
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