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My name onyeka and I'm an asylum in Germany. Last month december,  My landratsamt sent me a letter that my asyl is finished as from 20th December, that I must leave the country. They gave me appointment this month ending to come.
I came to this country with in 2015 with a visa before i went into asyl process  they have all my data and my birth certificate but not my passport.
Now I have a woman that's 2 months pregnant for me but she has 1 year resident permit.
My question is , what will I do..
Will I ignore their appointment, will I be deported if I go there?
Can I get resident permit if my girlfriend later have a baby since she has only 1 year resident permit.?
Is it also possible to get a vaterschaft und sorgerecht when a woman is only 2 months pregnant?
Is there any advice you have for me please?

Best regards
asked Jan 5 in Asylum proceedings by Onyeka
Dear @Onyeka, Thank you for reaching out to us and for sharing your situation. I'm going to link our asylum law expert @Nilab here, so she can provide you with some legal advice regarding your case. All the best, Isa
Why is nobody talking to me for long... please you people should help me with my questions

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