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What is the actual meaning of the term "Selbständig" according to Jobcenter, Sozialamt and Arbeitsamt?

I think it means that you work and pay for everything like rent, food,insurance etc.

am i right?

also if someone is alone here in Deutschland and he/she earns around 750-800 per month and he/she gets no support from Jobcenter,, will he/she be considered Selbständig ?
asked Nov 16, 2018 in Work by Abdulwkl

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1 Answer

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Dear @Abdulwkl, thank you for addressing this question in our community. As for your queston: 1. no that does not mean Selbstständig; 2. Selbstständig means if you do not work for someone else(like a company etc.) but work for yourself(freelancer or hvae your own business) this means Selbstständig. But a word without the context can mean different things in German language, so for example if the Jobcenter says: Sie müssen selbstständig für Ihren Lebensunterhalt aufkommen." Then in this term "selbstständig" means that you have to cover all your living costs by yourself. I hope I could assist you, if you need more guidance feel free to reach out to the community. Best regards, Nilab
answered Nov 19, 2018 by Nilab
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