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I have a woman who get subsidiary protection here in Germany. She has 1 year permit.  Will i get a permission to stay if i have a baby with her? Im asyl . Thanks
asked Oct 24, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Chimee

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Dear @Chimee, thank you for using the platform and being a part of the community. As for your question, it depends if you have shared custody for the child- then yes you have the chance to get an Aufenthaltserlaubnis through the child. I hope this can help you, if you need further clearification please use the platform. Best regards, Nilab
answered Oct 26, 2018 by Nilab
Thank you for your reply...
By sharing custody of the child, do you mean having Sorgerecht or what?
I have a question that I'll be happy if you could help me with...

My asyl will end this month 20th and my landrasamt sent me an invitation on January.
My questions are...
Will they deport me from there?
Please Note: I came here with visa and they've seen all my data and they have my birth certificate too but I don't have duldung yet.

I have a woman who is 2 months pregnant and she has 1 year resident permit.
What will happen if I ignore their invitation?
Will I get a resident permit if this woman later have a baby for me?
What's your best advice for me on this situation?
Best regards
wait till she give birth before going to the appointment
Hello Yeba,  thanks for your reply.
I later went there and they took my Ausweis and told me to go get passport or TC. My lawyer wrote them that I'm expecting a baby , I've gotten the  child custody and other things which she sent to them but they're still pressuring me to get passport.

Why can't they give me duldung till the baby is born?
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