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first of all thanks for answering my last question,you guys are so kind
so i want to learn about the airport transit asylum seeking infos,ive read it somehwere online when listing german airports that proceed asylum cases they wrote:Berlin (Schonefeld) along with other main cities in germany,so does it mean only schoenefeld airport has related office and officers?as in if i land in brandenburg or tegel they will deport me immediately/send me somewhere else?
also if my case will be accepted will they relocate me somewhere else?do they have camps in berlin?or im most likely to be sent some other states.
thanks in advance :)
asked Oct 9, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by hopenamaste

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Dear @hopenamaste,

your welcome. We are glad that we can assist you. 

In regards of your question here: 

You can only apply for asylum at the following airports: 

Berlin Schönefeld

Frankfurt am Main




This rule applies as only these airports can accommodate the asylum seekers during the process. 

The procedure is the following: 

at one of the airport the authorities will receive the application and have to process is it within a given time( 2 days) for the interview. After that they have taken the interview they have to decide. If the case is rejected, the applicant has 3 days time to make an appeal at the court; he/she will receive a free consultation by a lawyer. 

After that the court will decide. 

The law regulating the entire process: 

§ 18 a AsylG

I hope we could assist you, if you have further question please use the community. 

Best regards, 


answered Oct 10, 2018 by Nilab
selected Oct 11, 2018 by hopenamaste
thank you so much,im.hiding at a friend's place atm,dunno if my family would be able to get my passport from the authority,but im keeping my hopes up and trying to figure out the details if i were ever to get it,law of attraction right?
thank you nilab for helping me about the questions im not able to find solutions elsewhere ❤❤❤
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