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A refugee friend who has completed her medical training abroad has found the ARAMCCO site that offers a service to integrate foreign-trained medical professionals into the German health system. I would like to learn from people who have used this service whether it really worked out for them 

asked Oct 5, 2018 in Information & Offers by ArianeInBerlin

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2 Answers

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Dear @ArianeInBerlin, thank you for sharing the question with us in the community. I personally have no experience with the company, however they seem to be professional at the first glance. In such case it is a good way to ask for a consultation and then what they charge for the service they are offering. I will do some further research and will let you know if I find out more Informations. Best regards, Nilab
answered Oct 6, 2018 by Nilab
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Thank you, Nilab! I appreciate your help in finding out whether the people really get professional placements.
answered Oct 6, 2018 by ArianeInBerlin
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