Hello ,
I have given the interview against my BAMF decision. I have given enough prove but I don’t know what will be the decision. But  how long does it takes the time for making the decision?
After my interview the judge told me that after two weeks I can ask my decision from BAMF .
Can you tell me why he said to me like this ?
asked Feb 18, 2018 in Legal advice by Zichako | 2,961 views

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Hello @Zichako

If the judge himself told you that it takes two weeks, then it will most likely take two weeks ;) I'm not really sure in how far we can help you in this regard ;)

When was your interview?

Best regards,
answered Feb 19, 2018 by Thor
He told me that we have to wait for complete decision. If it rejected then we will get the decision with reasons
Alright, since you already consulted a lawyer I would highly recommend you to follow his advice. He is probably way more familiar with your case than we are and can tell you what to do directly. If he says you have to wait for the complete decision, then that's your way to go.
Ok thank you very much
But what do you say that the judge told me that I can ask for my decision from the BAMF . I asked some People and they said that normally they do not say about the decision that the individually person after two weeks ask from the BAMF about the decision .
The judge only hear and says only that wait for the answer
Unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with situations like that to tell you whether these instructions by the judge are unusual or not :/
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